How to Bridge (ENG)

Multichain Bridge

Open Multichain

  • WEMIX will release the WEMIX Bridge service in Q4 2022. Users can now use Multichain's bridge to move assets to and from WEMIX3.0 Blockchain. Users can access the Multichain Bridge by going to https://multichain.org. Once on Multichain's main page, click on 'Enter App' in the screen's top right corner.

Connect Wallet

  • Run the Bridge app from Multichain.org and connect the Metamask wallet by clicking on 'Connect Wallet' in the upper right corner of the screen. Multichain supports various wallets but recommends using Metamask for interoperability with WEMIX. Users must allow Multichain to connect with Metamask.

Select Source Mainnet and Asset to Bridge

  • When users successfully connect with Multichain, the source chain is automatically set to the 'Ethereum' mainnet. Users can select and change the source chain, but the process requires a one-time approval. Users can also change the network on the Metamask chrome extension.
  • Once the source chain is selected, click the token-shaped button to choose which asset to bridge. If the desired token is not on the list, refer to the FAQ or ask for help.

Select Destination Mainnet

  • Users can select and change the destination chain. Once the amount of the asset is decided from the source chain, calculations will show the amount of the asset on the destination chain. The transaction will cost users some cross-chain fees and gas fees. The prices may vary for different chains.

Confirm and Approve Transaction

  • To execute the transaction, users must allow Multichain access to the asset on the Metamask wallet.
  • Before approving the transaction, check the details one more time. Once the transaction is approved, users can view the transaction status on the block explorer.
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