Connecting/Disconnecting WEMIX Wallet to WEMIX Ecosystem Services

WEMIX 3.0-based WEMIX ecosystem services and WEMIX Wallet can be used in conjunction.

Connecting WEMIX Wallet to WEMIX Ecosystem Services

On the WEMIX Ecosystem Services screen, press the ‘Connect Wallet’ button. On the Screen, when WEMIX Wallet appears, click the logo to connect to the WEMIX Ecosystem Service.

List of WEMIX Ecosystem Services

For detailed information on each service, please visit the services sites.

Disconnecting WEMIX Wallet from WEMIX Ecosystem Services

You can check and disconnect the services currently connected to WEMIX Wallet through ‘Wallet Connect Session Management' feature.

When you disconnect your wallet, your permission to view information from the appropriate WEMIX Ecosystem service is usually revoked, including wallet addresses, token balances, and so on.

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