WEMIX Wallet (ENG)

Introduction to API

This page introduces the WEMIX Wallet API.
WEMIX Wallet supports the App-to-App API and is divided into Prepare, Request and Result stages.


The WEMIX Wallet API provides the ability to transfer WEMIX and Substitutable Tokens (FT) or Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) within the WEMIX Wallet from an external service via the API. The WEMIX Wallet API supports App-to-App.
WEMIX Wallet Configuration

App-to-App API

The App-to-App API is an API for dApp developers to authenticate WEMIX Wallet users and transfer their tokens and NFTs without a separate subscription procedure. You can also require WEMIX Wallet users to execute the smart contracts provided by the WEMIX blockchain.
The APIs provided are:
  • Ability to create and sign accounts
  • PKI key generation
  • Token management (issuing and managing wallet addresses for ERC-20 & WEMIX)
  • NFT management (wallet address issuance and management for ERC-721)
[Token API]
  • Providing Method (Smart Contract) for issuance and distribution of Token (ERC-20, WEMIX)
  • NFT (ERC-721) transmission method (Smart Contract) provided
[Smart Contract]
  • Ability to deploy, execute, and query Smart Contracts


Here are the steps to define which task you want the dApp to perform. The rest, except for wallet creation and connection, is to transfer the transaction to the WEMIX blockchain. For transaction transfer, the Prepare step creates a transaction object. The tasks that can be performed are:
  • Create and connect wallet
  • WEMIX transfer
  • Token transfer
  • NFT transfer
  • Smart contract execution
Create and Connect Wallet
Authentication to access the WEMIX Wallet wallet. Use when needed to get the user's EOA from the wallet.
Transfer WEMIX
The task of transferring WEMIX from the WEMIX wallet to another WEMIX account address (EOA). Create a transaction object for WEMIX transfers.
Transfer Token
The task of transferring a Fungible Token from a WEMIX wallet to another WEMIX account address (EOA). Create a transaction object for token transfer.
Transfer NFT
Work to transfer NFT (Non-Fungible Token) from WEMIX Wallet to another WEMIX account address (EOA). Create a transaction object for NFT transfer.
Execute Smart Contract
The task of running a smart contract with a WEMIX wallet account. Create a transaction object to execute the contract.


Requests that the task defined in the above procedure be actually performed.
Creating and connecting a wallet is the task of receiving the WEMIX Wallet Wallet Address (EOA) as a dApp, and the other tasks are the tasks of receiving the Signature of the above transaction. These four tasks require the WEMIX blockchain to transfer transactions, transferring WEMIX transfers, token transfers, NFT transfers, and smart contract execution transactions to the WEMIX blockchain. In this step, users sign these transactions with the WEMIX wallet account key and send them to the WEMIX blockchain.
For example, if a WEMIX Wallet “A” clicks a button to send a token or NFT to another WEMIX Wallet “B,” it will use the WEMIX Wallet App-to-App API to authenticate the WEMIX Wallet address of “A.” Access the "A" WEMIX Wallet. Then send a transaction to transfer the token or NFT a user wants to transfer to the "B" WEMIX wallet account address.


Finally, the step to get the result or response value when a user performs the task requested by the step of the Request.
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