This section covers how to use WEMIX Wallet.


WEMIX Wallet is a decentralized wallet based on WEMIX3.0 blockchain. As the sole owner of the wallet, your valuable assets are managed safely and transparently.

What is WEMIX Wallet?

WEMIX Wallet is a secure and transparent decentralized wallet that can manage cryptocurrencies issued by WEMIX3.0 blockchain. WEMIX Wallet allows users to manage the private key of the wallet as the main subject and can be used directly by connecting with various services in the WEMIX ecosystem. It manages various tokens in the ecosystem and provides checking and transferring service for the tokens you have.

For information on creating dApps, creating and verifying ERC-20 tokens, creating and verifying ERC-721 tokens, burning tokens, and installing End Node for beginners who are new to the blockchain, see the Tutorial page below.

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