WEMIX Wallet (ENG)


This page is about the WEMIX App Wallet and the Web Wallet services.

App Wallet

Provides detailed instructions on how to configure and use the App Wallet screen.
App Wallet is equipped with a function to create a wallet account on the user's mobile device to transfer and exchange tokens. Major functions are as follows: support token management and transfer, exchange between tokens, transaction history confirmation, connection with WEMIX service, and contract execution requests. App Wallet can recover your wallet account with a secret(mnemonic) phrase, and only you can check and manage the secret phrase, so keep it in a safe place and never share it with others.

Web Wallet

Details the screen configuration and usage of Web Wallet.
The WEMIX Web Wallet allows developers to create new accounts or view information about existing accounts directly through a web browser without having to run the WEMIX node locally. The WEMIX Web Wallet allows users to transfer WEMIX or tokens to another account for testing purposes.
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