Web Wallet

This page is about the Web Wallet services.

Web Wallet

Details the screen configuration and usage of Web Wallet.

The WEMIX Web Wallet allows developers to create new accounts or view information about existing accounts directly through a web browser without having to run the WEMIX node locally. The WEMIX Web Wallet allows users to transfer WEMIX or tokens to another account for testing purposes.

In the screen configuration, you can create an account, balance WEMIX and tokens, transfer tokens, and support coin faucets on Testnet. Web Wallet is vulnerable to private key management and security, making it dangerous to use for commercial purposes in WEMIX and token transfer. Recommended for use only for development and testing purposes.

Note: The WEMIX Wallet should only be used for development and testing purposes. Do not use the WEMIX Wallet for commercial or personal purposes, such as for storage purposes or for WEMIX or token transfers. WEMIX Wallet has not passed security tests for commercial use and is vulnerable to malicious attacks. The WEMIX Wallet stores the user's private key in the browser's local storage, which could make it vulnerable to attacks that exploit browser security vulnerabilities.

WEMIX web wallet Features

  • Account and Key Management

    • Create a new account

    • Import an existing account using a private key or keystore file

    • Download new keystore file

  • Asset Management(Token)

    • Check balance of WEMIX and other tokens

    • Add new tokens

    • Transfer tokens

  • WEMIX Faucet from WEMIX Testnet

Create a new account

Users can create a WEMIX account using the WEMIX Web Wallet service. Click Create Account on the home screen to create a new account.

Users can register a new account in 3 steps, and the procedure is as follows.

STEP 1: WEMIX account

STEP 2: Keystore file

STEP 3: Save your private key


Please check the notes below.

The private key of the WEMIX Wallet account is generated only by the user, and only the user knows it. The account may be exposed by sharing the private key, so do not share it with anyone. Do not share the private key with anyone. Please note that storing keystore files and private keys on devices connected to the internet can allow hackers to erase your local storage.

The keystore file should be set to a strong password and the private key should be kept in a safe place. WEMIX Wallet cannot be recovered if the keystore file is deleted or if the private key is lost.

STEP 1: Create WEMIX account

The first step in creating a WEMIX Web Wallet account is to set a password for the keystore file. The keystore file is stored in local storage as a JSON file containing account information including the WEMIX account address and private key. Users must specify a strong security level password because it is kept secure so that the keystore file cannot be opened without a password. When entering the password, the security level is notified by a combination of special characters, numbers, and letters with 8 or more digits, and if all the conditions are not met, the Next Step button will be activated.

STEP 2: Download keystore file

The second step is to download the keystore file. This page guides you to download the file encrypted with the password set in the JSON file that contains the account information. Click the Download & Next Step button to download the keystore file and switch to the STEP 3 screen.

STEP 3: Private key storage

This screen shows the private key. If your private key is leaked, your account may be lost, so copy it and keep it in a safe place. On this screen, you can switch screens by clicking the account information and WEMIX & token transfer button.

Account access

Account access supports the method using the private key and the method using the keystore file. Account login to access WEMIX Web Wallet.

Account access using private key

New account access is possible using the private key created in STEP 3.

Account access using keystore file

New account access is possible using the keystone JSON file downloaded in STEP 2.

Account access using private key

Screen to access the private key account.

  1. Enter your private key in the Private key input window.

  2. If the private key is not valid, an Invalid key message is displayed.

  3. Click the checkbox of the guide to activate the Access button.

Account access using keystore file

Screen to register the keystore file for account access.

  1. Click the UPLOAD button to register the keystore file.

  2. Enter the password in Step 1 to create a new account.

  3. Click the checkbox of the guide to activate the Access button.

Account Info

Account Info allows for verifying the account address and private key. By clicking the "View Transaction List" button at the bottom, the transactions that have occurred in the account can be verified, and the "Keystore Download" button to download the Keystore JSON file. Also, the WEMIX token balance can be viewed on the right.

Add Token

Users can add tokens issued by the WEMIX blockchain. Click the "+" button at the bottom of Balance.

The Balance screen will change to a screen for adding tokens, where the user can enter the Token Symbol, Token Contract Address, and Decimals.

Token Symbol

The token symbol can be specified directly by the user.

Token Contract Address

Enter the address of the token you want to add. For the number of digits in the address, check the validity of the 40-digit input excluding 0x or the 42-digit input including 0x. If the number of digits is not 40 or 42, you will see a red error message below that says Invalid address.


Enter the number of decimal places for the token you want to add. You can check the information by entering the Decimals specified when creating the token contract and querying the token contract in Explorer.

Transfer WEMIX and Token

You can transfer WEMIX and tokens using the WEMIX Web Wallet. There is a fee to transfer WEMIX and tokens, and the fee will be paid in WEMIX. If you do not have the same WEMIX as the fee in your wallet, you will not be able to transfer.

WEMIX and token transfer are possible in 5 steps, and the procedure is as follows:

STEP 1: Click the Send WEMIX & Token menu

STEP 2: Select the token to send

STEP 3: Enter the receiving address and token quantity

STEP 4: Confirmation before withdrawal

STEP 5: Confirm the breakdown after withdrawal

STEP 1: Click Send WEMIX & Token

Click the Send WEMIX & Token button on the main screen or Send WEMIX & Token on the left menu bar to move to the screen where you can transfer WEMIX and Token.

STEP 2: Select Token

In the Select Token menu, select WEMIX and the registered token.

STEP 3: Input address and quantity of the token

Enter Information (WEMIX and token name) allows you to enter the receiving address and the quantity of WEMIX and tokens to send. The user's address and fees are automatically entered and cannot be changed.

STEP 4: Confirm Token transfer

This is the screen to confirm before transferring WEMIX and tokens. You can check the quantity to be sent, the sending address, the receiving address, and the fee.

STEP 5: View transaction information

This is the withdrawal completion screen. Click the Send WEMIX & Token button to resume the transfer. If you want to know the remittance history, you can check the remittance history in Explorer by clicking View Transaction Info.

WEMIX Faucet

WEMIX Faucet screen supported by Testnet. You need a wallet account to get Testnet's WE MIX. You can register a wallet account to transfer WEMIX to your wallet account.

Enter your wallet address in Account Address, click the REQUEST WEMIX button.


  1. WEMIX Faucet cannot receive more WEMIX than it received once.

  2. The wallet address that received WEMIX cannot send for 24 hours.

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