WEMIX Wallet Account

WEMIX Wallet Account created by WEMIX Wallet is an object that can send transactions to the WEMIX 3.0 blockchain and contains information about the balance. A WEMIX account has a WEMIX address that can be used to transfer money to another address. WEMIX Wallet is a tool that lets you manage your WEMIX account. You can check the balance by account, transfer money, and more.

You need a wallet to send and manage digital assets supported by WEMIX. WEMIX Wallet provides access to a variety of services (WEMIX.Fi, NILE, et.) provided by WEMIX, as well as managing your own digital assets. WEMIX Wallet is not used only with one account`s wallet. The Wallet Management feature allows you to change to another account`s wallet.

WEMIX Wallet is easy to think of as a bank mobile application. Just as you can easily check the balance and transfer money from your account to another account, you can check and remit your digital assets in WEMIX Wallet. In addition, just as various affiliated services are available in the bank app, various services from the WEMIX ecosystem are connected in the WEMIX Wallet.

Wallet Management

WEMIX Wallet provides a ‘Wallet Management’ feature that allows users to add multiple accounts and manage them according to the purpose of your asset management.

It is impossible to delete the account once created. The created user`s wallet address permanently existed in the blockchain and cannot be deleted. However, WEMIX Wallet provides a ‘Hide the wallet’ feature. The account is not deleted, but does not appear in the WEMIX Wallet. The default wallet is the first account created when creating Mnemonic, and the ‘Hide the wallet’ feature is not available.

Once you hide your wallet, you won't be able to see asset information for that wallet. If you want to unhide it later, please check the wallet address in [Settings > Wallet management > Manage hidden wallets] and unhide it.

You can use the 'Add an account' feature to add a new account, or you can import another WEMIX account through a private key.

Only accounts created by WEMIX Blockchain can be retrieved.

Account Name

The wallet name is a nickname that each account ahs, and you can use the default name (Account #).

Maximum number of accounts that can be created

WEMIX Wallet can create up to 10 accounts in your wallet.

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