Fee & Priority Setting

WEMIX Wallet provides a ‘Fee & Priority Setting’ feature at the point of information verification before executing a transaction. Fee & Priority Setting feature is an optional feature that provides more control over the fees paid by WEMIX Wallet.

Two recommended options (Sequential Processing, Priority Processing) and one direct setting for users to set their own fees provide a total of three options.

  • Sequential Processing : Option to set fees to default and process transactions in order of execution

  • Priority Processing : Option to prioritize by setting a higher fee value compared to sequential processing

  • Direct Setting : Option for users to enter their own gas limit, maximum basic fee, and priority fee values


The user can set a Gas Fee at the time of confirmation of coin/token sending information, exchange information, NFT sending information, and transaction approval information. If the ‘Fee & Priority Setting’ pop-up is called when the estimated fee value text link is selected, the user can select one of the three options to set the Gas Fee.

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