View and recover missent coin/token

The user is responsible for all possible consequences of resolving the missent coin/token issue.

Once transferred, assets cannot be reversed because the transfer results are recorded in the blockchain. The address on which network the asset was received determines whether the asset can be found.

Check transaction history of the wallet in other networks to see if any missend to WEMIX Wallet has occurred. Recover by clicking [re-send] button if you have any balance left in the wallet.

Possible Cases of View and Recover missent coin/token

  • If you sent Klayton-based assets WEMIX Classic, Klaytn and Kleva Token to WEMIX Wallet

If you have transferred an asset from a WEMIX Wallet to an external exchange/wallet, you cannot find the asset in the WEMIX Wallet. You should contact the exchange or service provider that operates the wallet at the address where you received the asset.

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