How to manage assets

Manage assets on portfolio

  • Click on 'Portfolio' on the top. Users can manage their assets through the 'Portolio' menu. An overview of the total deposit/borrow and the expected profit/interest can be seen here.

  • The Status Monitor gives an at-a-glance view of the users' financial status. Users can easily navigate to additional deposits, withdrawals, loans, and repayments by clicking the buttons at the top. Check your status in the Status Monitor and understand what each step means so you can make timely loans and repayments.

    • Safe: You're comfortable financially and can afford to withdraw or borrow assets.

    • Stable: Your financial health is stable, and you can withdraw or borrow assets.

    • Caution: You need to manage your finances and periodically check the size of your collateral and borrowed assets.

    • Dangerous: Your financial position is unstable, and you must deposit or redeem additional assets to avoid unexpected liquidation.

    • Liquidation: Your assets are about to be liquidated, and you need to re-establish your financial position after the liquidation.