How to deposit

Go on WEMIX.Fi Pool

  • Go to WEMIX.Fi Pool. Access Pool by selecting the Pool menu on the main page.

Select the pool to deposit

  • Select the pool to deposit. Rewards may vary depending on pool liquidity and trading volume.

Input the amount to deposit

  • You can manually input the amount to deposit at a free ratio or deposit at a set ratio of 50:50 per token pairs However, if you decide to manually input tokens at a free ratio, the protocol will perform swaps to deposit the token pair at an adjusted ratio of 50:50.

Deposit assets at 50:50 ratio

  • Input your desired amount to deposit. Once you have input the amount for the first token, the amount required for the second token will be automatically calculated. If you have input 100 WEMIX$(approx. $200), then the WEMIX required would be calculated as 10.05.

  • On the other hand, if you inputs 100 WEMIX (approximately $995), the amount of WEMIX$ deposited together is calculated to be 994.98.

Deposit asset manually

  • You can manually input the amount to deposit depending on the amount of each token held within your wallet. However, in the case, the protocol will swap some tokens to adjust the token pair value to a 50:50 ratio. The fee incurred in this process will be paid by the user, and the reasons to why this swap is necessary can be found in Pool: How it works.

Confirm the estimated reward

  • Check your estimated rewards. Estimated rewards for the swap service refers to the profit which is based on the quantity supplied by the user. After inputting the amount you would like to deposit, you can check your overall share of the pool and the amount of LP tokens that you will receive.

Confirm and approve transaction

  • Review and approve the deposit transaction. You can check the input information once more through the last pop-up screen. Check details of the transaction before confirming. If the deposit details are correct, press the Confirm button to approve the initial transaction.

  • The protocol requests permission to access the user's wallet to deposit any assets, and once transaction request has been approved, the deposit will be executed.

  • If you have approved the deposit transaction and it has been successfully executed, you will see the Transaction Completed pop-up phrase in the upper right corner.

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