How to withdraw

Go on WEMIX.Fi Pool

  • Go to WEMIX.Fi Pool. Access Pool by selecting the Pool menu on the main page.

Select the pool to withdraw

  • Select the pool you want to withdraw from. All Pools will be displayed whereas the pool where you have deposited will show up as 'Deposited' as shown in the above.

  • You can withdraw the tokens at a 50:50 ratio or as one token type. The protocol will charge a swap fee if you withdraw as one token type.

Select the amount to withdraw

Withdraw asset in 50:50 ratio

  • Input the amount to withdraw.

Withdraw asset manually

  • Input the amount to withdraw.

Confirm estimated withdrawal

  • Check the estimated withdrawal amount before withdrawing. Reward scheduled to be decreased refers to the amount proportional to withdrawal. Once a user inputs the amount to withdraw, they can check their percentage from the total liquidity and the total amount they will receive.

Confirm and approve transaction

  • Confirm the withdrawal details. This is the last time you can check if the details are correct before approving transaction. If input details are wrong, it can be changed and if details are correct click on Confirm to proceed.

  • The protocol requests permission to access the user's wallet to withdraw any assets, and once transaction request has been approved, the withdrawal will be executed.

  • If you have approved the withdrawal transaction and it has been successfully executed, you will see the Transaction Completed pop-up phrase in the upper right corner.