How to stake in DIOS Staking

Go to WEMIX.Fi Staking

  • Go to WEMIX.Fi Staking. Access Staking by selecting the Staking menu on the main page.

Select DIOS Staking

  • Select DIOS Staking from the list of staking programs.

Select the amount to stake

  • You can see the estimated rewards by inputting the assets you stake in DIOS Staking.

  • Input the amount to stake into the staking program. Users inputs the quantity to deposit, and the estimated reward is calculated for one year of staking. Regular rewards are calculated based on the program's total staked volume and the user's share.

Confirm and approve stake

  • Check and approve the stake transaction. Users can check the input information again through the pop-up screen. Correct any details if input was wrong. If input details are correct, press the Confirm button to approve the initial transaction.

  • For staking, the protocol requests permission to access the user's wallet, and once the transaction request has been approved, assets will be staked.

  • If you have approved the stake transaction and it has been successfully executed in the blockchain, you will see the Transaction Completed pop-up phrase in the upper right corner.