How to unstake from GRAND Staking

Go to WEMIX.Fi Staking

  • Connect to WEMIX.Fi staking. Access staking by selecting the ‘Stake’ menu on the main page.

Select GRAND Staking

  • Select Grand Staking from the staking program list.

Unstake from GRAND Staking

  • Grand Staking will stop depositing as WEMIX3.0 mainnet enters Phase 2 and no further rewards will be generated. Users can withdraw the deposited amount. Users who have applied for withdrawal can check the ‘Total Withdrawal Amount’ on the screen, which is the sum of ‘Withdrawal Deposit Amount’ and ‘Withdrawal Reward’.

  • Check and approve the withdrawal details. Users can check the information they entered again through the withdrawal details. If there is no problem, press the ‘Confirm’ button to approve the withdrawal details.

  • To withdraw, the protocol requests permission to access the user’s wallet, and if you approve the transaction, the withdrawal will proceed.

  • When you approve the withdrawal details and the transaction is sent successfully, a message saying ‘Withdrawal Completed’ will appear in the upper right corner of the screen.