How to swap

Go to Swap on WEMIX.Fi

  • Go to WEMIX.Fi Swap. On the main page, select the Swap menu to proceed on with the swap.

Select assets to swap

  • Select the asset to swap. Select the token you wish to swap from to the token you wish to swap to.

  • If you want to swap from WEMIX to WEMIX$, select WEMIX as token to swap from and WEMIX$ as the token to swap to .

Input the amount to swap

  • Input the amount to swap. If you input the amount to swap from, the protocol will automatically calculate the total amount for swap to. If you input 10 WEMIX in the swap from, then the amount of WEMIX$ to be swapped to would be automatically calculated and displayed as 99.25.

  • On the other hand, you can input the amount you wish to receive, and the amount required for the swap from is automatically calculated. If you want to receive $10 worth of WEMIX$, the amount of WEMIX required for the swap would be automatically calculated and displayed as 1.01.

Check minimum trading amount and fees

  • Check the minimum trading amount and the fees before executing swap. Minimum trading amount means the minimum amount of tokens that will be sent to the user's wallet, excluding swap fee and price impact with the slippage rate applied. The minimum payout amount depends on your slippage rate, and you will be charged a swap fee of 0.25% from the swapped tokens.

Set slippage rate

  • Set the swap tolerance (Slippage Rate). You can manually set the Slippage Rate to prevent loss due to sudden changes in liquidity and the market conditions. You can set the Slippage Rate by selecting one of the given rates or manually input a rate.

Confirm and approve swap

  • Review and approve swap history. Users can double-check the input information via the swap history. Correct any details of the swap if there happens to be something wrong with the estimated swap metrics. If the estimated swap is correct, press the Confirm button to approve the swap transaction.

  • For swapping, the protocol requires permission to access the user's wallet, and the swap is executed once transaction request has been approved.

  • If you have approved the swap transaction and the transaction has been successfully executed in the blockchain, you will see the swap completed pop-up in the upper right corner.

Check transaction history

  • Once the transaction has been executed, users can head over to the Transaction History from Dashboard tab to check the details of the transactions.