WEMIX coin migration

The ‘WEMIX’ token on the Klaytn mainnet has been renamed to ‘WEMIX Classic’. This is not a new token, but rather a name change to differentiate it from the WEMIX coin on the WEMIX mainnet.

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WEMIX Classic






WEMIX Classic tokens and WEMIX coins have the same value and are both part of the WEMIX ecosystem, but they exist on different networks. Users can exchange their ‘WEMIX Classic’ tokens for ‘WEMIX’ coins at a 1:1 ratio at any time. There are two methods for doing so, and a fee may apply depending on the chosen method.

Using a centralized exchange

Users can sell their WEMIX Classic tokens on a centralized exchange, buy ‘WEMIX’ coins, and then store them in a wallet to interact with the WEMIX3.0 mainnet. A list of exchanges that support WEMIX Classic can be found on the WEMIX.Fi website under the Tokens section.

Using a bridge

Users can transfer their WEMIX Classic from the Klaytn network to the WEMIX3.0 network using a blockchain bridge. WEMIX.Fi displays the different blockchain bridges and the supported networks for different coins. For detailed instructions on how to use the bridge, please refer to the Bridge User Guide on the WEMIX.Fi website.


Users can learn more about WEMIX token from the following links.