Crypto assets can be sent and received between different blockchain networks.

  • Through Multichain bridging service, assets can be moved from different networks.

  • Low fees and quick transfers.

  • Transfer your assets and wallet at the same time.

What is Bridge?

A blockchain bridge enables the transfer of assets between two different blockchain ecosystems. Since virtual assets on the blockchain cannot be transferred to another chain using conventional token transfer methods, the role of a bridge as an intermediary is important.

Through the bridge service, users can pay fees and move assets held on other chains to the WEMIX3.0 mainnet to participate in various activities offered by the WEMIX3.0 ecosystem.

WEMIX.Fi Bridge offers two types of bridge services (Orbit Bridge, PLAY Bridge) that support the WEMIX3.0 mainnet network. Users can check whether a bridge is available based on the coin and network they have selected. Currently, a total of seven networks are supported for token exchange on the WEMIX3.0 network. More mainnets and tokens will be supported in the future as the WEMIX ecosystem expands.

The bridge service is provided by Orbit Bridge and WEMIX PLAY as independent services. The detailed policies regarding fees, operation principles, smart contracts, and other aspects of the bridge presented in this document follow the internal policies of each bridge service. The internal policies of each bridge can be found on the Orbit Bridge Docs.

Supported Wallets

Currently, the WEMIX3.0 network uses the services of Orbit Bridge and WEMIX Play Bridge, and the following wallets are supported by each bridge.

  • Orbit Bridge: MetaMask


Use cases of Bridge

Bridging assets from Ethereum or Klaytn to WEMIX3.0

Let's suppose Bob has ETH and USDC on the Ethereum mainnet and wants to use WEMIX.Fi. Bob discovers that a cross-chain bridge supports these two blockchain networks but only accepts USDC. Then, Bob can swap his ETH to USDC on a DEX and use the cross-chain bridge to transfer his crypto assets.

Bridging assets from Fantom or others to WEMIX 3.0

Let's suppose Alice has ETH and USDC on the Fantom mainnet and wants to use WEMIX.Fi, but the cross-chain bridge does not support these blockchain networks. So then, Alice has two options:

  • Move the assets once bridging is available between Fantom and WEMIX 3.0 mainnet.

  • Bridge the assets from Fantom to Ethereum mainnet first, and then bridge the assets from Ethereum to WEMIX 3.0 mainnet.

The list of mainnets and digital assets that can be connected and bridged to WEMIX 3.0 mainnet can be found in Bridge Contracts.