Tokens can be deposited in the pool and earn rewards. As a reward, a certain amount of the fee is incurred when a swap occurs in the deposited pool.
  • One or two tokens can be deposited at any ratio.
  • The more swaps deposited in the pool, the more rewards will be received.
  • Additional deposits or withdrawals may be made at any time.

What is Pool?

WEMIX.Fi's pool is a feature that allows users to earn revenue in exchange for directly supplying liquidity to support swap services. When users deposit their crypto assets in the liquidity pool, they get a stake in the entire liquidity and receive a portion of the fees incurred by the swap service. Users can select the pool to deposit in according to their desired crypto assets, and the deposited assets can be freely withdrawn. The more active transactions are made through the pool where users deposit their assets, the more they earn.
The liquidity pool that supports the swap service consists of a pair of tokens each. The value of the token pairs that make up the liquidity pool is maintained at 1:1, and users' assets are also deposited in the same proportion. If a user holds both types of tokens, the same amount of value is deposited. However, if one type of token is swapped and deposited, a swap fee will be incurred, and the deposit may be canceled depending on the set value of the Slippage Rate.
Users can see the transaction volumes being processed in real-time through the real-time charts and predict their expected returns. In addition, users can deposit more or withdraw any amount of assets, and the profit according to the change in deposits is calculated in real-time.

Manual Input

Users can deposit assets at the same rate or input their desired quantity directly. By depositing two tokens at 50:50, the quantity of tokens is automatically calculated, and if the desired quantity is entered directly, a swap fee will be incurred for an automatic 50:50 ratio adjustment. The reason why assets in the Pool remain at 50:50 can be found in the Pool: How it works.

Estimated Reward

Users can see the return they will receive for providing liquidity to the Pool. The expected reward is calculated according to the growth rate and share of the Pool. The more active the swaps are, or the more assets the user has deposited, the greater the returns they will receive.

LP Token

Users earn LP tokens by providing liquidity to the pool. It is used to prove the user's share in the total liquidity supplied to the pool. Real-time change in the LP tokens can be see during changes in deposits or withdraws.

Use cases of Pool

Depositing USDC in USDC-WEMIX$ Pool

Bob holds USDC tokens on WEMIX mainnet. Bob, who did not plan to utilize USDC, decided to deposit his assets and put them in a pool where he could get a stable return. Bob, who did not have WEMIX$, could select a USDC-WEMIX$ pool, directly input the amount of USDC to be deposited, swap 50% of the total value into WEMIX$, and deposit it into the pool. Bob's stake in the pool can be proven with LP tokens, and he was satisfied with the expected reward when depositing for more than six months but decided to monitor the deposited assets in case of non-permanent losses closely.

Depositing WEMIX and WEMIX$ in WEMIX-WEMIX$ Pool

Alice has WEMIX and WEMIX$ on the WEMIX mainnet. Alice sees that transactions are actively taking place through the WEMIX-WEMIX$ pool and wants to earn money by directly supplying liquidity to the pool. Alice could divide her holdings by 50% of the total value and deposit them into the pool. Alice carefully observes the real-time chart and decides to withdraw her deposited assets if the volume of transactions through the pool or the value of WEMIX drops significantly.