Stake your assets into various staking programs operated on WEMIX.Fi and earn stable profits. You can earn WEMIX and WEMIX$ as rewards through Staking.

  • WONDER Staking is a staking program that was created to replace GRAND Staking. You can delegate your WEMIX to a WONDER, which contributes to the security and governance of the WEMIX 3.0 network, and indirectly contribute to the ecosystem while earning rewards. Unlike GRAND Staking, you can unstake at any time.

  • DIOS Staking is a product that receives a portion of the profits generated by the WEMIX$ stabilization protocol(DIOS) and pays out WEMIX$ as rewards when deposited.

  • LIQUID Staking is a staking product that allows you to exchange deposited WEMIX for stWEMIX, which can be used to swap for different assets or to deposit in paired pools. With the beginning of the WEMIX3.0 mainnet Phase 2, stWEMIX and WEMIX can be exchanged both ways.

  • GRAND Staking will no longer be in service for WEMIX3.0 Phase 2 and therefore has stopped accepting deposits. No further rewards are generated for this staking service.

Staking in WEMIX3.0 mainnet Phase 2

As part of the WEMIX 3.0 mainnet Phase 2, the Applepie hard fork and governance contract will be updated. With the governance contract update, WONDER Staking will be opened, and GRAND Staking will be terminated.

Please be sure to check the changes in the staking programs in WEMIX 3.0 mainnet Phase 2.

What is Staking?

Users can deposit their assets and receive rewards in return for contributing directly or indirectly to maintaining the security of the blockchain network through staking on WEMIX.Fi. WEMIX.Fi provides three types of staking programs, each with a different purpose and function.

With the beginning of the WEMIX3.0 mainnet Phase 2, users can delegate or unstake their WEMIX, so that they can participate in various programs and conveniently earn rewards. The new staking program called ‘WONDER Staking’ has added delegation functionality in Phase 2, and the ‘DIOS Staking’ program contributes to stabilizing the price of WEMIX$. Users can also participate in ‘LIQUID Staking’, which allows them to freely use assets deposited in staking programs. Users should check the different characteristics and returns of each program and deposit their assets into the program they want.

The WONDER Staking program is a product that allows users to select a WONDER participating in the WEMIX3.0 blockchain and delegate their WEMIX to the selected WONDER. Users can receive a portion of the block rewards generated from the ‘Node’ operated by the WONDER. The rewards you can earn depend on the Staking Ratio and the Sharing Ratio of the WONDER. You can switch to another WONDER depending on the situation.

The DIOS Staking program is a product that allows users to receive a portion of the rewards generated in the WEMIX$ stabilization protocol as compensation for contributing to maintaining the value of WEMIX$ stablecoin at $1. Users can increase their profits up to 100% by using the Multiplier Points generated depending on the period of depositing assets.

The LIQUID Staking program, similar to WONDER Staking, is a product that allows users to receive a portion of the block rewards by depositing WEMIX. Unlike WONDER Staking, deposited WEMIX can be exchanged for ‘staked WEMIX(stWEMIX)’ and can be freely used. The value of stWEMIX increases as part of the block reward is added up. Users can withdraw and swap stWEMIX at a certain exchange rate or deposit it in pools with different APRs on WEMIX.Fi.

The GRAND Staking program will be terminated as the WEMIX 3.0 mainnet enters Phase 2. Users will only be able to withdraw their existing staked amounts, and no rewards will be generated. Deposited assets and rewards from the past will be paid in WEMIX.

WONDER StakingDIOS StakingLIQUID StakingGRAND Staking







Available 7 days

after the unstake


Available instantly

Available 7 days after the unstake request or swap instantly

Available instantly


The block reward generated by the blockchain node is paid as a reward


Profit from arbitrage between WEMIX$ and USDC is paid as a reward (WEMIX$)

Block rewards generated by blockchain nodes are paid as rewards (WEMIX payment)

No more rewards will be generated


Instant claim and compound available

Instant claim and compound available

Instant claim and compound available

Available instantly



Select or move WONDER

Multiplier Points

Swap via stWEMIX-WEMIX pool


Users can learn more about each program in WONDER Staking, GRAND Staking, DIOS Staking, and LIQUID Staking.

Estimated reward after staking

The Estimated Reward is the profit that users receive for participating in the staking program by depositing their assets. The reward is calculated based on the amount of the assets deposited by the user. You can check that the expected payment reward changes when you deposit or withdraw assets. The rewards of the WONDER Staking program are paid in WEMIX and are calculated based on the Staking Ratio and the Sharing Ratio of the WONDER selected by the user. The rewards of the DIOS Staking program are paid in WEMIX$ and can be withdrawn or re-deposited at the user’s discretion. The rewards of the LIQUID Staking program are added up to the value of stWEMIX. For more information on payment rewards, please refer to WONDER Staking, DIOS Staking, and LIQUID Staking.

Unstaking asset

Assets deposited in the staking program can be withdrawn at any time. When a user withdraws assets, they can recover the deposited assets and rewards together. Withdrawals for the WONDER Staking and LIQUID Staking programs are possible 7 days after the Unstake Request according to the blockchain logic. The period (7 days) required for withdrawal is set for the safety of the WEMIX 3.0 network. Unstake requests cannot be cancelled, and no rewards are generated for 7 days after the unstake request. However, stWEMIX can be exchanged more quickly through the stWEMIX-WEMIX pool at the market’s exchange rate of stWEMIX-WEMIX. There is no period set for DIOS Staking program withdrawals, and withdrawals are processed immediately.

Real-time APR chart

The Real-Time APR chart allows you to view graphical information over a selected period of time, such as 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month for all staking programs. You can also see the difference in APRs in percentages compared to the previous date shown in the upper left corner of the graph.

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