DIOS Staking

Stake in DIOS Staking and participate in stabilizing the value of WEMIX$, the official stablecoin of the WEMIX ecosystem. You can stake your WEMIX and earn rewards in WEMIX$.

  • WEMIX$ rewards will be paid immediately upon staking.

  • Users can earn additional rewards by compounding rewards.

  • Users can unstake and compound at any time.

Price peg of WEMIX$ stablecoin

The stablecoin WEMIX$ is issued based on USDC and has a value of $1. WEMIX has developed DIOS (Dollar In and Out Stabilizer), a stabilization protocol, to keep the value of WEMIX$ at $1. If the value increases or decreases more than $1 depending on the state of the ecosystem, two internal protocols will be triggered to maintain the peg. TIP (Treasury-In-Protocol) is executed to mint additional WEMIX$ when the expansion of the ecosystem occurs. On the other hand, when the value of WEMIX$ decreases from $1 as the ecosystem contracts or as a result of malicious attacks, TOP (Treasury-Out-Protocol) burns WEMIX$ to restore the peg deviation to its balanced state. Participants in the DIOS Staking will receive a portion of the seigniorage generated through DIOS.

TIP(Treasury In Protocol)

As the ecosystem expands and the value of WEMIX$ exceeds $1, DIOS will issue WEMIX$ for value stabilization. At this point, 1 WEMIX$ will be exchanged for one or more USDC, and the USDC will be distributed to Treasury and staking programs.

For example, suppose the value of WEMIX$ is increased to $1.5; in this case, 1 WEMIX$ issued in DIOS will be exchanged for 1.5 USDC, and 1 USDC and 0.5 USDC will be distributed respectively to the Treasury and Staking programs.

TOP(Treasury Out Protocol)

As the ecosystem contracts, and the value of WEMIX$ falls below $1, DIOS will withdraw USDC from Treasury for value stabilization. At this point, the protocol will exchange 1 USDC for one or more WEMIX$. Then, DIOS will burn part of the exchanged WEMIX$, and the rest will be distributed to the staking program. For example, suppose the value of WEMIX$ decreases to $0.5; in this case, 1 USDC withdrawn from Treasury will be exchanged for 2 WEMIX$, 1 WEMIX$ will be burned and the remaining 1 WEMIX$ will be distributed as a reward to the staking program.

Gas Fee

Gas fee incurs because of the necessary transactions in stabilizing WEMIX$ through TIP/TOP. Therefore, 1.0% of the revenue generated from stabilizing the price will be used to cover these gas fees. DIOS Staking participants will be rewarded with the remaining 99.0% of the profit made.

Multiplier points

Multiplier Points of DIOS Staking provide additional benefits to users who deposit assets for a longer duration. It gives users the opportunity to earn higher interest rates based on the time period of staking. Users can earn up to 100% fixed APR points by depositing for one whole year, and users can convert the multiplier points into Staked MP with a value of 1 WEMIX per point. The Staked MP will generate more rewards for the user.

Multipler Points is an indicator showing the additional APR a user can earn by staking assets for a year in units of 1 second. For example, if a user staked 1,000 WEMIX annually, they will get 1,000 points. If a user converts multiplier points to Staked MP, interest will be added, and the user will get the same reward as staking 2,000 WEMIX based on the policy. Multiplier Points are accumulated in real-time and can be checked in the 'My Staking' menu in WEMIX.Fi 'Portfolio'.

Staked MP

Staked MP are the points earned by the user by staking their Multiplier points, each worth 1 WEMIX. Users can stake their Multiplier Points using the "My Staking" menu in "Portfolio". In addition, if the user stakes additional assets or compounds their reward, the points will be automatically converted to Staked MP.

If a user unstakes their asset, the Staked MP proportional to the amount unstaked will be burned. For example, if you staked 1,000 WEMIX for six months and earned 500 points, when you unstake 300 WEMIX, 150 (300/1,000 x 500) points will be burned.

Claim and compound

'Claim and Compound' is a function that claims the rewards and compounds them through an automated process. During the compound process, the multiplier points are converted into Staked MP, allowing users to earn compound interest. However, during the process of 'Claim and Compound', swap fee will be incurred in exchanging WEMIX$ for WEMIX.