Trading Fee

A trading fee is a charge incurred when users swap token pairs through liquidity pools on the WEMIX.Fi platform. WEMIX.Fi supports a variety of liquidity pools, and the trading fee is determined based on the ‘Fee tier’ of the liquidity pools involved in the ‘Optimal swap route’.

For example, let’s assume that a user wants to swap 1 WEMIX for oUSDC. The optimal swap route is: WEMIX-WEMIX$(0.05%) → WEMIX$-oUSDC(0.01%). In this case, the user will go through two swaps to obtain oUSDC:

  • WEMIX to WEMIX$: 0.05% trading fee

  • WEMIX$ to oUSDC: 0.01% trading fee

Therefore, the user will pay the sum of the trading fees incurred in both swaps. Once a swap is executed, the trading fee is automatically deducted and distributed to liquidity providers and the platform. The distribution ratio of the trading fee can be found in the Fee tiers section.

Gas Fee

A separate gas fee is required to swap tokens through the swap service. If there is not enough native tokens to pay for gas, transactions will not be executed, so it is recommended for users to check in advance if there are enough tokens within their wallets. The gas fee of the WEMIX 3.0 blockchain can be verified through the Gas Tracker, and the estimated gas cost is as shown below:

MainnetEstimated Gas PriceGas Tracker


0.0000001 WEMIX(=100GWEI)

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