What is WEMIX$?

WEMIX$ is a stablecoin with 100% USDC collateralization, stimulating the flow of value within the platform-driven, service-oriented WEMIX mega-ecosystem. As a stablecoin that compliments WEMIX Coin, WEMIX$ functions as a store of value, unit of account, and medium of exchange.

Economic Value

As the value moves naturally in and out of the mega-ecosystem, the quantitative(Total Value Locked) growth of stablecoins will naturally lead to the qualitative(value) development of the native coin, WEMIX.

Secure Protocol

WEMIX$ is comprised of three key components: 'Treasury' to store USDC, 'MINT' to mint/burn WEMIX$, and 'DIOS' to maintain the price balance between WEMIX$ and USDC.

Mega Ecosystem

The structure has been designed for a fully collateralized ecosystem and constant exchange between WEMIX-WEMIX$ which enables seamless flow of value between DApps services such as gaming, WEMIX.Fi, NILE, and WEMIX PLAY.