In the existing WEMIX 3.0 system, users could only receive staking rewards by staking WEMIX. This imposed an opportunity cost on users, restricting their ability to maximize returns on WEMIX coins within the broader DeFi ecosystem. Furthermore, any DeFi protocol that generates better returns than those of staking rewards would make staking less attractive to users, which would then affect the overall security of the blockchain network. The WEMIX 3.0 Liquid Staking program addresses these challenges by tokenizing staked assets. This enables stakers to utilize stWEMIX tokens across various DeFi protocols, lending pools, and decentralized exchanges, unlocking diverse possibilities to optimize asset utility and potentially yield additional returns on top of staking rewards. The WEMIX 3.0 Liquid Staking program will serve as the fundamental infrastructure, positioning the stWEMIX token as a core asset within the WEMIX 3.0 Ecosystem.

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