stWEMIX represents staked WEMIX in the WEMIX.Fi Liquid Staking Program. stWEMIX tokens are minted upon deposited WEMIX and combine both the initial deposit value and accrued staking rewards. Like any other ERC-20 tokens, stWEMIX offers versatility for trading, investing in DeFi protocols, and more.

In Phase 1, users stake WEMIX which is sent to the Governance Contract to be locked and participants receive a corresponding amount of stWEMIX tokens, calculated based on the ratio of total circulating stWEMIX tokens to the overall quantity of WEMIX locked within the Governance Contract. The total stWEMIX tokens account for all WEMIX staked(Grand and Liquid), and the staking rewards(PMR 10%).

During Phase 1, withdrawals for staking were restricted, supporting only the exchange of WEMIX to stWEMIX. The exchanged stWEMIX could be held for an extended period to claim accumulated staking rewards or could be sold through the stWEMIX-WEMIX pair pool.

In Phase 2, users can mint stWEMIX tokens by staking WEMIX, which are then sent to the Governance Contract through the Wonder Staking contract.The amount of stWEMIX tokens to be minted is determined by the ratio of the total number of stWEMIX tokens in circulation to the total number of WEMIX locked in the Governance Contract. The total number of stWEMIX tokens includes the total number of WEMIX staked by users(including WONDER) and the staking rewards(PMR 50%). Upon the launch of Phase 2, users can exchange their stWEMIX for WEMIX in two ways: by unstaking WEMIX after a 7-day unbonding period, enabling bidirectional exchange between WEMIX and stWEMIX.

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