WEMIX3.0 Governance Summary

Staked-based Proof of Authority(SPoA) serves as the foundational consensus algorithm for the WEMIX 3.0 blockchain architecture. The WEMIX 3.0 staking program has evolved in line with the systematic governance updates, commencing with Grand Staking during Phase 1 and transitioning significantly in Phase 2 to introduce a delegated staking module.

The 40 WONDERS, also known as Node Council Partners(NCPs), are 40 selected members responsible for operating secure validating nodes for the WEMIX 3.0 Mainnet. The 40 WONDERS consist of Technology Sponsors contributing to the secure operation and innovation of WEMIX 3.0, and Ecosystem Sponsors aiding in establishing the on-chain/off-chain ecosystem experience via WEMIX3.0. Each NCP must stake 1.5M WEMIX, and the Permanent Minting Reward(PMR) is automatically distributed to NCPs(40%), Grand Staking(10%), Eco Fund(25%), and Maintenance(25%). Participants in Grand Staking can receive a staking reward of 10% of the PMR based on their stake. However, participants in WEMIX Grand Staking could not withdraw from the staking pool prior to the Phase 2 implementation.

In Phase 2, aiming to incentivize active contribution, the fixed 1.5M WEMIX staking requirement per validator node transitions to competitive staking. As part of this update, Grand Staking is replaced with WONDER Staking, a competitive staking system where WEMIX is delegated to 40 NCPs who participate in WEMIX governance. As a result, the 10% of the PMR distributed to WEMIX Grand Staking participants is removed, and the NCP reward is increased from 40% to 50%, changing the initial PMR distribution ratio.

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