What is NILE?

Introducing the NILE platform.

The cradle of civilization, the name of the longest river in the world, and also the acronym for 'NFT Is Life Evolution', NILE is a life platform of DAO and NFT based on the WEMIX3.0 mainnet. NILE will bring about material changes to societal structure and our lives through technological advanced based on blockchain. 'The Evolution of Life' as introduced by NILE will be the dawn of a new civilization.

The NILE platform consists of DAO, Life DApp, NFT projects and Marketplace. Also, the token-based communication utility una Messenger, which began from NILE, connects people with the same interests automatically, based on the tokens and NFTs they have, going beyond having to manually find Communities to join.

Just like how the periodic flooding of the river Nile gave birth to the development of technology and civilization, the various DAO, NFT, DApp projects of NILE, utilizing blockchain technology, will enrich our lives.

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