NILERS can receive Governance Tokens by staking DAO Tokens to participate in Governance.

This is where users can claim Governance Tokens by staking their DAO Tokens according to the exchange ratio of DAO Tokens and Governance Tokens. Governance Tokens can be utilized as the rights to make proposals in each DAO's Governance, or to vote on proposals. Users can also get back the staked DAO Tokens by returning Governance Tokens to the Obelisk.

The exchange ratio in the Obelisk begin from an initial ratio of 1 Governance Token to 1 DAO Token. Once profits occur from each DAO project, the Neith Protocol starts utilizing DAO profits to buy DAO Tokens in circulation and distribute them to the Staking Pool. From this point on, the ratio changes to where the value of 1 Governance Token exceeds that of 1 DAO Token.

The influx route of DAO Tokens into the Obelisk can be summed up in 2 ways.

  1. From DAO Token holders staking

  2. From DAO Tokens bought in WEMIX.Fi with DAO profits

DAOs operated by the Neith Protocol utilize project profits to buy DAO Tokens in circulation and burn part of them to induce increase of value of the DAO Token, by distributing part of them induce the increase of value of the Governance Token.

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