Participate in English Auctions

Buy NFTs

  • Connect a wallet that supports the WEMIX3.0 Mainnet.

Check NFT Details

  • Click an NFT you're interested in to check the details of that NFT.

  • Check the currency unit (WEMIX$/ WEMIX/ WCD) set by the seller.

  • However, even if the seller has set the currency unit as WEMIX$, Gas Fees can only be paid in WEMIX. Therefore, you must have a sufficient amount of WEMIX to pay the Gas Fees

Place bid

If there are no bidders after an auction has started

  • The first bid is made at the starting price set by the seller.

If there have been one or more bidders after an auction has started

  • a bid can be made at a price higher than the current bid within 3 hours of a bid.

  • (Click “^”) Please note that the bid price is paid by the user, and that the Gas Fee must be separately paid.

If there's a higher bid and you want to make an additional bid

  • you will pay the difference between the previous bid, and additional Gas Fees.

If there is a higher bid, and you do not want to make an additional bid

  • pay the separate Gas Fee and proceed with a refund of the bid amount.

Claim NFT

  • For each successful bid, click “Claim NFT” to pay the Gas Fee and claim your NFT.

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