NFT Marketplace

Introducing NFT Marketplace.

Within NILE's vision is the belief that all real-world assets can be tokenized on the blockchain, and also the viewpoint that 'The value of assets are decided not by the price acquired, but the price sold.' At the same time, NFT prices must not have temporary increases driven by memes or issues, but reflect real value generated by each NFT. The various popular assets that NILE's Life Project will work with, including digital art, concert tickets, memberships, phygital NFTs, etc., will have clear real values, enabling good transactions regardless of when.

NFT prices can include the types fees shown below. Fees are included in the NFT price, meaning NFT sellers receive profits of the sale price minus the fees. With this, NFT creators, copyright holders, and project contributors are able to receive fair compensation for NFT values continuously.


  • Creator Profit Distribution: Creator profit distribution can be set in the NFT price, and the Creator receives a set percentage of profits whenever an NFT is traded.

  • NILE Featured Fee: For “offering”, NILE sets a fee for resources invested such as project development, marketing, operations, etc. NILE Featured Fees apply only to “offering.”

  • Misc. Fees: Fees can be set for each NFT differently, for example in cases where the NFT Creator utilizes IP of other copyright holders, and in cases where profits are distributed to Genesis NFT Holders, etc.

  • A NILE platform fee of 2.5% is imposed on all NFT transactions.

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