WEMIX3.0 Overview

WEMADE sees the world from a slightly different perspective: we see and evaluate the market to produce practical strategies as times change. Moreover, doing it and delivering results, ultimately making other followers follow the WEMADE path. As a result of our efforts to create a balanced ecosystem through the WEMIX1.0 & 2.0 era have acquired extensive knowledge, data, and experience. Furthermore, these factors are assisting WEMADE in reinvigorating the industry and market. WEMIX3.0 is a true blockchain ecosystem built to accommodate the future of dApps, games, DAOs, DeFi, NFTs, and more.
  • EVM-compatible Public Chain
  • Stake-based Proof of Authority(SPoA) Consensus
  • 40 Highly Qualified Node Council Partners(Authorities)
  • Max 4,000 TPS Throughput
  • PMR(Permanent Minting Reward): 1 WEMIX per Block

WEMIX3.0 Ecosystem

The mainnet of WEMIX3.0 is an EVM based on the SPoA(Stake-based Proof of Authority) consensus mechanism. The new mainnet provides the highest security possible, based on decentralized On-Chain Governance via 40 Node Council Partners(NCP), while still ensuring a high TPS. With USDC as collateral, WEMIX$ is an important commodity in the dApp ecosystem, with the responsibility of helping to address the problem of unpredictable volatility of token price movements. WEMIX$ provides currency stability giving dApps the opportunity to thrive in a more stable ecosystem. WEMIX 3.0 takes the most ideal form of an open platform while eliminating anxiety, which comes from volatile price fluctuations. There are three main services of WEMIX 3.0: blockchain gaming platform WEMIX PLAY, Neith protocol-based DAO service NILE, and a decentralized financial service WEMIX.Fi.


The WEMIX blockchain diverged at Ethereum and referred to various Ethereum open source project technologies. The smart contracts are implemented in an Ethereum-based solidity language. They have a grammar similar to JavaScript as a Turing-complete computer language. There are no restrictions on implementation and programming with a high degree of freedom.
The WEMIX blockchain technology stack was developed mutatis mutandis to the existing Ethereum and supports EVM and libraries equivalent to Ethereum. WEMIX improvement proposals have entirely accepted the Ethereum Improvement Proposals(EIPs) based on the configuration of the WEMIX ecosystem and got adopted through several transitions. The adoption will make it easier for members of the WEMIX ecosystem to join the WEMIX blockchain by building an ecosystem similar to Ethereum.
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