WEMIX3.0 Client Network

WEMIX Blockchain Client is an implementation of WEMIX3.0 that keeps network data safe and accurate by validating every transaction in each block. In Phase 1, WEMIX3.0 was created by forking Go-ethereum Version 1.10.16 based on the Go language, and applied the London Hard Fork. In Phase 2, WEMIX3.0 is reflected up to Version 1.10.18 and the code will continue to be updated.

WEMIX3.0 Client has a layering system as shown in the figure above and achieved high-performance real-time performance by modifying Governance, Consensus, and Network Protocol elements in go-Ethereum.

WEMIX3.0 Network Structure

The WEMIX blockchain network consists of three types of logical networks: BP, BN, and EN. These networks make up the Block Producer Network (BPN), Bridge Node Network (BNN), and End Node Network (ENN), respectively. The figure below shows the overall topology of the WEMIX mainnet. An End Node Network (ENN) can be viewed as a perimeter network directly connected to a Bridge Node Network (BNN).

Block Producer Network(BPN)

Since BPN applies RAFT on the network, each BP must strictly meet the hardware and network resource requirements to perform the RAFT consensus mechanism with adequate performance. To support high-performance real-time service, BP's technical operations are all handled by 40 reliable NCPs.

Bridge Node Network(BNN)

The BNN network primarily has the function of physically protecting the BPN network from direct external attacks. Its primary function is to verify the valid transaction propagated from the ENN and send it to the consensus node. Conversely, it is to confirm the block reproduced from the BPN and propagate it to the ENN. Also, some of the Bridge Nodes that exist in BNN provide the functions of Boot Nodes. All new nodes except BP nodes must download all block data generated so far from neighboring nodes connected to the P2P network in order to participate in the blockchain network. Boot Node is a service node that is always online and provides a Bootstrapping service that connects these new nodes participating in the network to the P2P network by unconditionally performing P2P Hand Shaking. WEMIX conducts the corresponding operation of the network.

End Node Network(ENN)

The outermost subnetwork, ENN, is an endpoint of the WEMIX network and consists of blockchain End Nodes that directly handle user services. Anyone can install and operate blockchain nodes.

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