This is the description of Permanent Minting Reward (PMR).

The coin issuance method of WEMIX3.0 can be explained as follows.

(1 billion + alpha) WEMIX being issued at the Genesis Block (i.e., block 0) are coins being created in advance for the transfer of all WEMIX Classic tokens existing in Cypress.

When the Governance setting is completed after the Genesis block's creation, 1 WEMIX is newly issued for every block, called Permanent Minting Reward(PMR). Minted 1 WEMIX is distributed for every block according to the table below defined in the Governance.

Therefore, new PMR WEMIX coins are created every year with no limit of issuance by 86,400*365 and are automatically distributed to the addresses defined in the on-chain governance.

On the testnet an additional 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 WEMIX (for testing) will be issued for testing purposes. Remember testnet coins are with no value all the time.

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