Decentralized Technology, Democratized Governance

WEMIX3.0 mainnet, developed on a decentralized architecture, will introduce a multi-phase democratized governance where the community is empowered to impact the 40 authority node governance structure through the introduction of a delegated staking module.

This is the fundamental principle of the mainnet's roadmap, a means to illustrate true democratization through adoption of meritocracy based on contribution to the ecosystem.

Phase 01

Node Council Partners, also known as WONDERS, are 40 selected members who operate secured validating nodes for the WEMIX3.0 Mainnet.

40 WONDERS are constituted by Technology Sponsors that contribute to the secure operation and innovation of WEMIX3.0, and Ecosystem Sponsors that contribute to the establishment of the experience cycle created through the on-chain/off-chain ecosystem via WEMIX3.0.

Each NCP must stake 1.5M WEMIX, and the PMR (Permanent Minting Reward) is distributed automatically to NCP (40%), Stakers (10%), Eco fund (25%) and Maintenance (25%).

WEMIX Grand Staking will become available to the community which will yield the 10% Staking Reward allocated through the PMR. However, staking participants for the WEMIX Grand Staking may not withdraw from the staking pool prior to the implementation of Phase 2.

Phase 02 (Current)

Upon Phase 2 launch, 1.5M fixed WEMIX Staking per validator node is abolished and shifted to competitive staking to encourage active ecosystem contiributions from NCPs.

The 10% PMR paid to WEMIX Grand Staking participants is abolished. As the NCP reward increases from 40% to 50%, the initial PMR distribution ratio changes.

In doing so, WEMIX holders may then delegate their stake volume to one of the 40 validator nodes, effectively increasing the chosen node's total staked shares above the median; generating increased reward rate for the node and community members that are participating in the delegation.

Phase 03

Validator node operation by 40 selected authority partners known as, WONDERS, will be discontinued and the governance module will shift into an open & autonomous node participation system where anyone can become the validators of WEMIX3.0 based on staking volume.

Based on the total WEMIX staking volume per node, top 40 nodes will be periodically selected to validate transactions, transforming from an SPoA model into a PoS model.

A slashing policy will be implemented to enforce fair operation of validator nodes, especially in the event of willful collusion against the interests of the ecosystem but also possible result of a misconfiguration of the node. Slashing will penalize the node by removing a portion of its existing stake and is irreversible.

Democratized governance is completed at this stage, and the mainnet will be upgraded to WEMIX4.0. The schedule is yet to be determined.

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