Which consensus protocol does WEMIX blockchain use?

An entity can participate in WEMIX blockchain by getting approval from the Authority's members, who have been approved in advance by SPoA (Stake base Proof of Authority). Also, to participate as an Authority member, the entity must Stake a certain amount of assets in advance.
The RAFT (Reliable and Fault Tolerant) algorithm selects the leader of the Authority members. See Consensus for more information.

What is a WEMIX coin?

WEMIX coin is a virtual asset used on the WEMIX blockchain. You can send and receive WEMIX using the deposit and withdrawal functions of the wallet provided by WEMIX.

Can I join the WEMIX blockchain as a node?

Yes. Anyone can install and join the blockchain node. If you want to perform directly as an endpoint of your WEMIX network, you can install an End Node(EN) and enter the node. See the Install Guide for installation for node participation.

Can I use Ethereum-based tokens?

Yes. Smart contracts running on the WEMIX blockchain are implemented in the Ethereum-based solidity language. Using Solidity - a Turing-complete computer language - the grammar is almost the same as JavaScript, so there are practically no restrictions on the logic to be implemented. Programming with a high degree of freedom is possible. See Smart Contract for usage.

I lost my wallet's private key.

The wallet used in WEMIX is decentralized and is not owned or controlled by the company. Be careful not to lose the private key of the wallet you created, as it is wholly known only to the user and cannot be recovered if lost.

Is there a wallet I can use on the Web?

Yes. WEMIX wallet supports web and app wallets, allowing you to manage and transfer WEMIX or tokens issued on the WEMIX blockchain. If you want to know how to set up and use your WEMIX wallet, please refer to the WEMIX wallet documentation.
The WEMIX Web Wallet is for developers, not for general users. It is vulnerable to security risks because the user's privacy is stored in the browser's local storage. Saving and transferring WEMIX and tokens via a web wallet is dangerous.


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