What is Transactions?

In a blockchain, if the block is an account book, a transaction can be viewed as a transaction history recorded in the account book. Transactions are records of all transactions that occur on the blockchain. Transactions include transaction times, transmission and reception addresses, transaction assets, and fee information.

Principles of Transactions

When a transaction occurs, the transaction does not occur immediately. Blockchain requires verifier approval.

Suppose Bob sends 50 WEMIX (including fees) to Alice. Bob sends a transaction to Alice stating that he will send 50 WEMIX. Verify that Bob's address has quantities that can be transferred. If there is no transferable quantity, the transaction fails, but if there is a transferable quantity, the block constructor waits until the block is created. If the transaction sent by Bob was successfully recorded when the block was created, perform that transaction. Out of 100 WEMIX at Bob's address, 50 WEMIX will be sent to Alice's wallet address.

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