A WEMIX3.0 account is an object with a WEMIX balance that can send transactions from a WEMIX blockchain. This chapter describes how to create an External-Owned Account (EOA) and check the balance directly controlled by the user.

Create Account

Account files are created in the keystore directory. To create a new account, use the following command.

gwemix wemix new-account --out <account-file-name>

MetaMask allows creating new accounts conveniently without having to install gwemix directly. Wallet creation and WEMIX3.0 network settings are possible through MetaMask.

Import Account

Account files created externally can also be copied and used in the keystore directory.

mkdir {data_directory}/keystore
chmod 700 {data_directory}/keystore
cp <account-file-name> {data_directory}/keystore

Check Account Balance

Access the gwemix console and run the following command to check the account balance.


Because the gwemix console is a JavaScript console, a JavaScript function that reads all addresses in the Keystore can be used to read all balances as a function.

function checkAllBalances() { 
var i = 0; 
eth.accounts.forEach( function(e){
     console.log("eth.accounts["+i+"]: " + e + " \tbalance: " + web3.fromWei(eth.getBalance(e), "ether") + " ether"); 

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