Use Public API Server(RPC)

Not desiring to install and manage the WEMIX3.0 client, it is possible to use the RPC server WEMIX Foundation provides 24 hours a day for free.

Developers can leverage RPC servers and public network endpoints to interact with on-chain data and send different types of transactions to the network. The API follows the JSON-RPC standard, a stateless and lightweight Remote Procedure Call (RPC) protocol commonly used when interacting with blockchain networks.

JSON-RPC calls

WEMIX3.0 JSON-RPC API is 100% compatible with standard Web3 Ethereum JSON-RPC API.

HTTP(HTTPS) server endpoint

WS(WSS) server endpoint

Speed limit

Rate limiting is a function to limit the rate for incoming connections. For example, if too many references co-occur and burden the server, connections that exceed the defined rate limit may be rejected.

The RPC server has a speed limit for each IP to prevent malicious attacks and provide reliable services to more users.

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