Burn ERC-721 Token

It is possible to proceed an ERC-721 Token burning test using Remix.

All examples are based on WEMIX3.0 Testnet.

Let's proceed with the ERC-721 token burning process.

Write ERC-721 Contract and Minting ERC-721 Token should proceed first.

Burn ERC-721 Token

To burn a Minted ERC-721 Token, enter the issued TokenID. After then, the ERC-721 Token will be burned.

You can see the deployed contracts in the Deployed Contracts section of the ERC-721 Contract Deployment and Minting screen.

Select 'burn' to enter TokenID.

The figure below shows an example of Token ID 1 being burned.

When you select 'transact' after entering TokenID, a MetaMask pop-up appears and a screen showing the default 'Gas Fee' based on Ethereum appears.

WEMIX has a different fee policy than Ethereum, so press the 'Site suggested' button to change t the Gas Fee.

Selecting 'Advanced' on the screen below allows the user to set 'Max priority fee (GWEI)' and 'Max fee (GWEI)' manually.

Currently, WEMIX is using a fixed 'Max priority fee (GWEI)' and the value is 100.

Max fee is a user-defined value and the minimum value is MaxPriorityFee+BASE_FEE.

BASE_FEE in WEMIX is variable according to EIP-1559. Therefore, for a transaction to be successfully created, it is recommended to set it as follows.

  1. Max base fee (GWEI) = 101

  2. Max priority fee (GWEI) = 100

Complete the Fee setup in the figure above and select 'Save' to be ready for burning Token as shown below.

Select 'Confirm' in the figure above to burn ERC-721 Token.

If a green check mark appears at the bottom of the Remix screen as shown below, the burning ERC-721 Token is completed normally.

Copy the transaction hash that appears as a result of the run, and search in Testnet Explorer, to confirm that the ERC-721 Token has been burned.

The figure below is an example of what Testnet Explorer has seen.

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