Check ERC-721 Token API

You can query the ERC-721 Token API using Postman.

Let's check the inventory for Contract Address in the ERC-721 API in the following order.

  • Step 1 : Access Postman

  • Step 2 : Execute API and Check the results

All examples are based on WEMIX3.0 Testnet.

Step 1 : Access Postman

Go to and install Postman. After accessing Postman, move to 'Workspaces'.

Select the 'Import' button to insert the WEMIX3.0 API.json file to launch the WEMIX3.0 API.

Step 2 : Execute API and Check the result

Select the WEMIX 3.0 ERC-721 API to view the ERC-721 token you want.

Check the Inventory for Contract{contract_address}/inventory

Enter the URI above in the input box next to 'Get'.

You can enter the contract address you want in the {contract_address} of the URI.

The figure below is an example of checking the Testnet ERC-721 token.

If you select 'Send', you can see that the output is the same as the data found in Testnet Explorer.