Receive Test Coin

Go to Testnet Faucet page

Select WEMIX or WEMIX$

  • Select the type of assets you need on the testnet. tWEMIX is used for purposes such as paying gas fees, while tWEMIX$ serves as the official test stablecoin for experimenting with various functions within the WEMIX ecosystem.

Enter the MetaMask wallet address

  • Enter your MetaMask wallet address to receive the test assets.

Request test assets

  • Press the "Request" button to request test coins and tokens from the Testnet Faucet.

  • Upon completion of the request, you will be guided as shown in the image. Please note that your request may be denied if you already have a sufficient amount of test assets.

Check your wallet

  • The test assets received through the Testnet Faucet can be viewed in your wallet. If you do not see the assets, you can add the token by entering the following information:

Token informationContent

Token contract address


Token symbol


Token decimal


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